Our Class

Our Class

Monday, 1 June 2020

Work for 2nd- 5th June

Morning movement 

Oral Language;  Look at the painting by Edward Potthast's and answer the questions

Maths:  Discuss Day &Night with your child and what you do during each part of the day

Friday, 29 May 2020

Friday's work

Song:  Mr Sun.  sing along and then draw a picture of your favourite summer idea, eg eating ice cream, playing in the pool, walking in the woods, at the beach, at the airport!
Irish:  Go into www.folensonline.ie
Login:  paulamaryneill70@gmail.com
Password: school1234
Go into 'My Favourites'

Go over luaschartáí , Postaer, dán & cluiche meaitseala

Art:  Create a boat scene
1.  find scraps of textured paper at home eg cardboard, coloured paper, 
2.  Paint/colour strips of paper and tear to make the sea
3.  Cut out various sized triangles to make the boats (an adult can  help you draw but let the children cut them out)
4.  Design your boat scene!  Where will you go???

Religion;  Look at the video and answer the questions in you book.   Can you read along with the video?

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Work for Thursday

Morning movement:  Cosmic Yoga

Handwriting:  Magic C letters.  Watch the video first and remember to hold your pencil properly.  Don't lift your pencil until each letter is completed and make lots of spaces between your letters


Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Work for Wednesday

Morning Movement: 

English;   -et words.  Draw the pictures into your copies and write the words to match
Try to write 1/2 sentences to match
Irish:  Go into www.folensonlineie
Login:  paulamaryneill70@gmail.com
passsword:  school1234
Go into:  My Favourites  Ag feachaint ar an scannán
Do:  Luaschartaí, dán (poem) and comhrá (conversation)

Religion:  Going to Mass.  Discuss why we go and who goes with us.  Explain why we can't g at the moment.  Remind your child how to bless themselves (we did this every day in school).  Encourage your child to say a thank you prayer every night
Pages 54 & 55 of the religion book are all about Autumn.  From now on the religion book is all revision.  Look at the video link below

Tuesday's Work

Morning Movement

English:  song

Days of the Week song.  Name the days of the week every day this week and ask:
What day was it yesterday?
What day will it be tomorrow?
What are the 2 days of the weekend?
Encourage your child to use CAPITAL letters when writing their news and writing the days of the week
Role Play - Set up an Airport at home

Monday, 25 May 2020

Busy Junior Infants

Dylan & Alfie painting in the garden
Dylan & Alfie's flower pots

 Vesta flowers, Woh Vesta they are really growing!
 Daniel & is sisters making yummy buns!
 Daniel helping with the turf
 What a happy boy!
 Emma's homemade sunflower...beautiful

 What a great story Emma and such beautiful writing
 That is a beautiful sunflower Eva!
 Can't wait to see your sunflower Eva!
 Noah's garden is very creative
 Timur's sunflower...beautiful
 Timur's sunflower is growing well!

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Work for 25th -29th May

Morning Movement;

English:  New Topic, At the Airport
While I know there will be very little flying for anyone at the moment this topic was planned for May/June.  Listen to the video clip and discuss what you see in the airport:  check- in desk, Inforamtion desk, security, Departures/Arrivals.  Discuss what happens at the airport and have a chat about why people are not flying this summer.  Discuss other types of holidays we might all have this year:  at the beach, Day trips, visiting grandparents,  travelling in Ireland

Irish:  Go into www.folensonline.ie
Login:  paulamryneill70@gmail.com
Password:  school1234
Go into:  My Favourites;  Ag feachaint ar scannán  ......Póstaer &